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In order to participate in the school sports program, a student must maintain a “C” average. An ‘F” in any subject is reason for removal from the team. Eligibility requires that the student possesses no check marks in the first three areas of the Personal Growth section of the report card, contributes to a pleasant learning atmosphere, and attends school regularly. The principal reserves the right to disqualify any student in any school related activity if the student has been suspended. If ineligible at the time report cards are distributed, a student will be re-evaluated when progress reports are given, which is 5 weeks into the quarter.

If a student is receiving regular support services outside of school to help with a learning disability, the requirement for a “C” average may be waived. A student who is absent from school on any day is ineligible to participate in any sport activity that takes place after school hours on that same day.


Please make sure you read the Parents Pledge, if you haven’t already signed up. Also, please read over the Park Rules & Regulations. Westlawn Chicago Park District does us a great favor by allowing us the use of their gym. Let’s be cooperative by following the rules to ensure that we maintain our relationship with Westlawn Park and their staff.

Parents Pledge- To be provided at the beginning of season

Park Rules & Regulations- Information to be provided at the beginning of season

For more information, please contact main office 773.582.4266 or email

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