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“Not only do my children receive a top-notch education; they are also taught to live their faith and follow the teachings of Christ. This is something public schools cannot provide.” 

– Queen of the Universe Parent


Since its founding in 1955, Queen of the Universe Catholic School has been a reflection of the vibrant and dynamic community it serves. Today our students benefit from the individual attention afforded by small class sizes and the professional faculty who are dedicated to a tradition of excellence.  

Our newly formed partnership with the Big Shoulders Fund provides expertise in the areas of finance, marketing, enrollment, instruction, and technology, as well as resources for students and faculty.  Leadership from the Office of Catholic Schools continues to illuminate the path toward sound faith formation and rigorous academics.  

At Queen of the Universe, we recognize our call to serve God through His Son, Jesus Christ, in partnership with Mary, our Mother.  We are steadfast in faith, knowing all good things come through Him.  How blessed are we to be able to provide the gift of Catholic Education to each new generation of faithful!




We recognize and respect the dignity of each person as a child of God.  We are called to respond to the unique nature of each student by: 

  • teaching the values and traditions of the Catholic Church;

  • providing academic rigor in a Christ-centered environment;

  • and preparing him/her for future success as responsible global citizens. 




We strive to support students in their endeavor to become the best versions of themselves-the people God has intended them to become. We do this through religious education, participation in faith life, social-emotional learning, and rigorous academic programs.





As Catholic educators, we

  • respect parents as the primary educators of their children;

  • believe that student success is a result of a solid partnership between school and parents;

  • respect diversity and multiculturalism;

  • model and encourage the practice of Catholic virtues;

  • address the social, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs of students through holistic and personalized learning;

  • and work to foster a united Queen of the Universe Parish family.

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