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Teachers' Pages


In order to view your teachers page, please click on your classroom page. We invite all parents to become an active parent member on your teachers page. Start a discussion, learn who your child's teacher is, check assignments, helpful links, announcements & more. 

Kelly Carrillo - Pk
- Laura Garcia - Teachers Aide
Lilian Cichocki - Kindergarten 
- Teresa Herrera - Teachers Aide
Carmel Kitchin - 1st Grade
Mary Erin Riley - 2nd Grade
Melissa Bolotin - 3rd Grade
Patty Perisho- 4th Grade 
Valerie Riley - 6th Grade 
Sarah Bandemer - 7th Grade
8th Grade 
Julissa Carriche - Spanish
Ardis Seils- Computer 
James Blake - Gym
Marcy Ariel - Office Staff

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