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Uniform Policy



When students attend Q of U, they benefit from the simplicity of wearing uniforms, which frees their minds from the distraction of following trends and allows them to focus on learning.

Queen of the Universe School requires that all students in grade K-8 wear a school uniform and appear in school with a neat and clean look (aside from designated dress down days). All uniforms must fit a student reasonably; when it becomes obvious that a student’s uniform no longer fits a child, it is the parents’ responsibility to provide one that does. Pants that do not reach a student’s ankles, shirts that do not reach wrists, or skirts that do not reach at least down to the knee, are too short and must be replaced at the end of the school year.

Students must come to school well groomed and clean. Parents should help their children develop good habits of grooming and hygiene.

Parents should make sure that their children bathe, brush their teeth, and dress neatly.

Preschool and Kindergarten students may wear clothing suitable for the weather.


Makeup & Jewelry 

  • Should not be worn at school or, if it is worn, should not be flashy or distracting.

  • Earrings may be worn by girls if they are small, matching, and not distracting to other students.

  • Jewelry will be limited to one religious medal.

  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings to school, as this may pose a threat due to gang concerns in the community.



  • Must be moderate and not distracting. The following boy’s hairstyles will not be permitted: fades, graphics, designs, shaved heads, ponytails, or any hairstyles as decided by the teacher or principal to be inappropriate.

  • Coloring hair, even natural shades, is absolutely prohibited. No student may wear contact lenses designed to change the appearance of the eyes unnaturally. The principal and teacher will make the decision as to the appropriateness of students’ dress and appearance.


Winter boots and hiking boots may not be worn during school, although during inclement weather they may be worn to and from the building, and then switched out for regular shoes upon arrival.

Parents are asked to check the appearance of their child’s uniform each day. Parents may be called to bring items to school if the child is out of uniform.

All uniforms can be purchased through Martinelli’s, the school uniform company, or any other uniform store of choice.

Regular School Uniform:



  • Burgundy plaid jumper

  • Gray trousers during winter only

  • White blouse (no turtlenecks or tops without a collar)

  • White or burgundy knee socks or tights

  • Burgundy school uniform sweater



  • Burgundy plaid skirt or culottes

  • Gray trousers during winter only

  • White blouse (no turtlenecks or tops without a collar)

  • Burgundy school uniform sweater

  • White or burgundy socks or tights

  • Shoes (black or brown) with a 1-inch heel or less are to be worn with the school uniform.



  • Gray trousers must sit at the waist

  • The Burgundy polo (3-button) shirt must be tucked in at all times

  • Dark belt

  • Gray cardigan school uniform sweater

  • School shoes (black or brown) are to be worn with the school uniform.

Gym Uniform


  • Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are required to wear the Queen of the Universe gym uniform the day the class has gym. Gym uniforms are to be purchased in the school office

  • Navy blue sweatpants or shorts

  • Navy blue sweatshirts

  • Orange T-shirt

  • White Socks

  • Gym Shoes


  • On designated dress-down days, students may choose to wear casual clothing or remain in their uniform. Those who dress down must usually pay $1.00 for the privilege; money collected helps fund various school endeavors, such as field trips, supplies, etc.

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