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Queen Family Association (QFA)

The Queen Family Association (QFA) is a group of parents working together to support the school and enrich the experience of students. more involved, committed and supportive to the school and the students. During the year we try to fundraise to be able to give the school new and exciting events. Last year, during Catholic School’s Week, we were able to bring a reptile show to the students, which they all enjoyed and also showed our appreciation to our teachers with a breakfast brunch. Some examples of QFA events are student assemblies like the “Reptile Show” and a Faculty Breakfast. 


Current COVID Health and Safety Protocols prohibit face to face meetings of the QFA.  However, virtual meetings are encouraged.

QFA Committee members:


Lourdes Torres

Amanda Ruiz

Helena Zamora

Goals of the Queen Family Association promoted and foster the following goals(Please note that social gatherings and in school volunteer opportunities are suspended until further notice):

  • Support of the school in its role of educational and spiritual development of children.

  • Adult education and faith formation opportunities for parents/guardians and families whoa re part of the school community.

  • Regular communication that fosters the partnership of home and school.

  • Social interaction among the members of the school community.

  • Networks that support family life and the school community.

  • Volunteer service to the school.

  • Service to the poor and marginalized.

  • Involvement in legislative action that supports non-public schools.

  • Promotion of the school in the local community.

“The role of parents in educations is of such importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute.” – The Catechism of the Catholic Church, English Translation, United States Catholic Conference, Washington, D.C., 1994.


Call 773-582-4266 to join!

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